The Moody History Of An $8.5-Million Montecito Mansion
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The Julia Morgan-designed redwood ballroom at 430 Hot Springs Road in Santa Barbara. The grand … [+] Montecito mansion, which dates to the late 1800s, was the family home of the famed Moody Sisters. Village Properties This grand mansion built in 1885 has deep roots in Montecito. For three decades, it was the family home…

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Stephen Klym Returns To Warburg As Manhattan Real Estate Heats Up
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Warburg Realty, Manhattan’s premier independent residential real estate firm, moves forward as the … [+] city rebounds. getty Warburg Realty, Manhattan’s premier luxury independent residential real estate firm, is moving forward as the city rebounds. Long known as New York’s blue-chip brokerage since opening its doors in 1896, Warburg Realty recently welcomed back Stephen Klym…

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DeWalt Cordless Cable Stapler Review
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While this installment of Tool Lab is out of the realm of “useful tools every homeowner should own,” it is unique and noteworthy enough to take a closer look. The DeWalt Cordless Cable Stapler is designed solely for electrical contractors and anyone who runs significant amounts of electrical cable on a regular basis. Electrical codes…

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14 Critical Operational Documents Every Property Owner Should Maintain
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Proper document maintenance is a must in real estate, especially if you hope to protect yourself and your property management business. Meticulous and comprehensive documentation allows property managers to access vital information at a glance, prevent mistakes and even uncover potential opportunities. However, they may not be sure which paperwork is most beneficial or necessary…

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How Remote Work Is Rearranging Renter Priorities: What Investors Need To Know
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Kellie Rastegar is Co-Founder and Creative Director at Rastegar Property Group. getty Over the course of the pandemic, real estate investors have faced many challenges, with some asset classes soaring and others left struggling. In multifamily, the pandemic has created new demands from renters and new priorities for investors and developers with the rise of remote…

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The Hills’ Caroline D’Amore Gets A New Beginning At Villa Carlotta
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Caroline D’Amore at Villa Carlotta. Marc Gabor If the name Caroline D’Amore sounds familiar, it’s because you may have heard of her family’s pizza restaurant D’Amores, which has been a Los Angeles staple for years. She’s also acted in films, modeled, and even toured around the world with Paris Hilton as a DJ. But 2021 might just be…

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Rare Find—Frank Lloyd Wright Designed Home Near Chicago Up For Auction Starting At 1.2 Million
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The John O. Carr house by Frank Lloyd Wright is located approx. 25 miles northwest of Chicago. Matara Media for Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty Glenview, Ill.—The John O. Carr House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1950, is now available for auction, with $1,200,000 as the suggested opening bid (not the asking price). The Wright-designed…

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Iconic D.C. Home Where Jackie Kennedy Stayed After JFK’s Assassination Hits Market For $10M
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The Georgetown home where Jackie Kennedy lived after the assassination of her husband TTR/Sotheby’s International Realty Of all the homes in the D.C. area that claim a connection to the Kennedy family, very few have as much non-Kennedy pedigree in their background as this one. During the time Jackie Kennedy lived there with her children…

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4 Trends That Make the Windows Shine
By: Date: November 22, 2021 Categories: Trends,Uncategorized,Windows

Windows are becoming a greater focal point in home design. Trendy black-trimmed exterior windows are gaining popularity, and more emphasis is being placed on showcasing windows from inside as well. Windows connect the indoors and outdoors and satisfy yearnings for nature for homeowners quarantining inside. Here are some ways windows are being showcased more in…

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Servpro Carpet Cleaning Review 2020
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Over time, every carpet becomes worn, dirty, and—if you have pets—at least a little foul-smelling. It may be tempting to head to the store and purchase a carpet cleaner, but it can be hard to gauge the exact type you need. You can save yourself a trip by hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. Choosing…

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