Arkells give Jamal Murray a hand while recovering in Kitchener
By: Date: November 16, 2020 Categories: Arkells,Jamal,Uncategorized

The Arkells and Jamal Murray had a very Canadian exchange online that led to one helping out the other.

The NBA star has been back in his hometown of Kitchener recovering from getting his wisdom teeth out.

On Saturday, he posted to his Instagram story he was having a tough time and looking for anyone with a Playstation 5 to help him out.

The new Sony game station was recently released and has sold out almost anywhere. Murray was not one of the celebrities who received it as a free gift.

This was when the Arkells answered the call online to lend a hand.

Lead singer Max Kerman says he got a free PS5 when they were released, but does not have enough time to play it right now.

He sent the system from Toronto to Kitchener with an Uber driver, who safely delivered it to Murray.

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