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Housing Market Gains More Value In 2020 Than In Any Year Since 2005
By: Date: May 4, 2021 Categories: Business,Decision Maker Content,decisionmaker,Editors' Pick,Real Estate,Residential Real Estate,Uncategorized Tags: , , , , ,

Even hampered by low inventory, the housing market will remain competitive in 2021. Los Angeles Times via Getty Images After a record-setting year of home sales in 2020, the housing market still shows no sign of cooling off. U.S. housing gained about $2.5 trillion in value in 2020 — the most in a single year…

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Macy’s Misery: Morass At Malls and A Muddled Agenda
By: Date: April 23, 2021 Categories: Business,Commercial Real Estate,Decision Maker Content,decisionmaker,Real Estate,Retail,Uncategorized Tags: , , , , ,

Macy’s out of focus- Attempting to stop the bleeding through massive cost cutting while trying to … [+] reverse years of a sub-par value proposition is now further complicated by mall fall. Getty Macy’s M is attempting to flee their weakest malls with the latest announced closures of another 45 stores. The move is part…

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Denver’s Union Station: A Colorado Neighborhood On The Fast Track
By: Date: April 6, 2021 Categories: Decision Maker Content,decisionmaker,Forbes Global Properties,ForbesLife,lifestyle,Real Estate,Uncategorized Tags: , , , , ,

The Union Station platform in Denver, Colorado. JC Buck The story of Denver’s Union Station neighborhood has always been indivisible from its namesake — the landmark railroad terminal that has faced a fair share of trials and triumphs in its journey to the present. Opened in 1881, Union Station has been a veritable phoenix, rising…

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Eviction Moratoriums May Negatively Impact Affordable Housing Supply
By: Date: March 24, 2021 Categories: Decision Maker Content,decisionmaker,forbesrealestatecouncilblog,lifestyle,Real Estate,Uncategorized Tags: , , , ,

Atticus is the CEO of PadSplit, an affordable, shared housing model that creates financial independence for workers. getty 2020, perhaps more than any other year, has been a year full of unintended, oft dire consequences. Consider asymptomatic spread that leads to untold numbers of new infections and presumed deaths, or a gender reveal party that led…

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Wellness-Focused Multifamily Community Debuts In Los Angeles
By: Date: March 10, 2021 Categories: Business,Decision Maker Content,decisionmaker,Real Estate,Uncategorized Tags: , , ,

Be DTLA is the first Southern California apartment community to capture IWBI’s WELL Health-Safety … [+] Rating. David Guettler Photography The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic has elevated health to its rightful place high above wealth on many people’s lists of priorities. Real estate developers have responded to the pandemic by placing greater emphasis on…

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Amazon Pledges $2 Billion For Affordable Housing In Three Hub Cities
By: Date: March 8, 2021 Categories: Business,Decision Maker Content,decisionmaker,Editors' Pick,Real Estate,Uncategorized Tags: , , , ,

Amazon intends to invest in affordable housing over the next five years in three regions where it is … [+] a major employer. Amazon/Joel Flora Amazon said Wednesday that it is launching a $2 billion housing equity fund to preserve and create over 20,000 affordable housing units in Washington state’s Puget Sound region; Arlington, Virginia;…

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How Small Towns Can Ride The Public-Private Partnership Wave
By: Date: February 16, 2021 Categories: Decision Maker Content,decisionmaker,forbesrealestatecouncilblog,lifestyle,Real Estate,Uncategorized Tags: , , , ,

CEO of The P3 Group Inc., overseeing the development of public facilities and urban redevelopment through public-private partnerships.  getty Public-private partnerships offer a unique opportunity to redevelop and revitalize smaller communities around the country. A public-private partnership, also known as a P3 or PPP, is an agreement between a private company and a public body that…

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13 Pertinent Questions To Ask During A Home Inspection
By: Date: January 28, 2021 Categories: Decision Maker Content,decisionmaker,forbesrealestatecouncilblog,lifestyle,Real Estate,Uncategorized Tags: , , , ,

If you ask any real estate professional, they’ll tell you that an expert home inspection is one of the essential parts of acquiring a new home. Home inspections give you a feel for the property, its size and might start giving birth to ideas about how you could adjust the living space to your taste….

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By: Date: January 8, 2021 Categories: Decision Maker Content,decisionmaker,Real Estate,Uncategorized Tags: , ,

The Constitution says states can’t impair contracts. But it’s OK to impair some contracts if there’s … [+] a good reason. RANJAN SAMARAKONE “[N]o State shall … pass any … Law impairing the Obligations of Contracts.” That prohibition appears in Article 1, Section 10, of the United States Constitution. It sounds simple, straightforward, and absolute….

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