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How to Drill into Brick
By: Date: November 3, 2021 Categories: Brick,Drill,Uncategorized

Drilling into brick is tough work. Whether it’s a decorative brick veneer inside a house, modular bricks on the outside of a suburban home, or concrete blocks in a foundation, these materials are meant to last. But what if you need to hang a picture, attach a downspout, or install a light fixture? This guide…

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How to Drill into Concrete
By: Date: January 16, 2021 Categories: Concrete,Drill,Uncategorized

Some of us might remember the pre-power tool days of drilling holes in masonry and concrete. And it wasn’t that long ago that any larger masonry job had a blacksmith on hand heating and re-sharpening chisels. (There were dedicated hand-saw sharpeners too, but that’s another story). And in our age of microchipped tools, we’re lucky…

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