Hot Home Trend: The Canopy Bed
By: Date: November 14, 2020 Categories: Canopy,Trend,Uncategorized

The owner’s suite is Americans’ favorite room of the house during the pandemic—a break from the traditional favorite, the family room, according to an Ally Home survey of more than 2,000. Respondents chose the owner’s suite because it’s a place to relax and “hide from family members” sheltering together, the survey finds.

You may want to place greater attention on staging the owner’s suite—or any bedroom for that matter—as a restful spot. One throwback trend gaining a new life: the canopy bed.

Traditionally, canopy beds had four wooden posts at each corner and some overhead, draped in heavy fabric—a style fit for a king. But today, the posts are made of metal or acrylic that doesn’t feel quite as heavy. They almost make the mattress look like it’s floating. Many of the latest canopy beds are draped in a sheer fabric—if any at all.

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