Servpro Carpet Cleaning Review 2020
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Over time, every carpet becomes worn, dirty, and—if you have pets—at least a little foul-smelling. It may be tempting to head to the store and purchase a carpet cleaner, but it can be hard to gauge the exact type you need. You can save yourself a trip by hiring a professional carpet cleaning service.

Choosing the best carpet cleaning service for your needs can be tricky since companies can differ in terms of types of carpet cleaning, cost, availability, quality of customer service, and more. The This Old House Reviews team wants to make the process easier for you, so we made this in-depth Servpro carpet cleaning review to help you determine if it’s the best fit for your needs.

Table of Contents

  • Our Take
  • Pros & Cons
  • Carpet Cleaning Services
  • Additional Cleaning Services
  • Availability
  • How Much Does Servpro Cost?
  • Customer Reviews
  • Our Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Our Take

Servpro offers a broader range of carpet cleaning services than its competitors we’ve reviewed, including bonnet cleaning, hot water extraction, showcase premier cleaning, and more. Its carpet cleaning services are available in all 50 states, and some of its cleaning products are eco-friendly. Also, because Servpro handles cleaning for emergencies, its cleaning specialists have experience restoring carpets after fire and water damage.

But there are some drawbacks. Like some of its competitors, Servpro will not provide an exact quote online or over the phone. However, unlike its competitors, Servpro won’t even give you an estimated quote over the phone. That means you have to commit your time to an in-home inspection when you don’t have any idea if the company will work within your budget. Also, Servpro’s customer satisfaction guarantee doesn’t include a refund option.

Pros & Cons

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of Servpro carpet cleaning service.

Servpro Carpet Cleaning Service Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Pros Cons
Different treatments available for varying levels of carpet cleaning needed No online quote tool or even quote estimate over the phone
Available in 50 states No money-back satisfaction guarantee
Some eco-friendly product options
Company claims carpet can dry in 1-2 hours
More than 50 years of experience

Carpet Cleaning Services

Servpro offers five different carpet cleaning service methods, depending on your carpet’s fabric, color, and how soiled it is. The main website offers brief details about each of these services, but you can find more thorough explanations on some individual franchise pages.

How to Prepare For Your Appointment

The first step to carpet cleaning is moving your furniture. Servpro will move most of your furniture for you, except for very heavy pieces like antique chests or entertainment centers. If Servpro can’t move any furniture and you can’t either, the carpet cleaners will do their best to work around it.

Your Servpro carpet cleaners will vacuum your carpet for you, so you don’t need to worry about that step.

The Process Options

Here’s a breakdown of the different carpet cleaning methods you can expect. Your carpet cleaning specialist will determine the right fit for your carpet. In general, the lighter cleanings use an eco-friendly product called Servpro orange, while the deep cleans use industrial-grade chemicals.

Bonnet Cleaning

This light cleaning method is less aggressive and well-suited for maintenance and short-pile carpets. Your carpet cleaning specialist will spray the carpet lightly with a cleaning solution and use a “bonnet” pad to pull dirt from the carpet with rotary extraction.

Hot Water Extraction

This is the deep cleaning method most often used by Servpro’s competitors, and it works best on moderate soil levels. The deep restorative cleaning uses a portable extraction unit or truck mount to apply a cleaning solution with hot water while vacuuming the carpet. It works for all carpet types and promotes a longer carpet life.

Deluxe Precondition and Rinse

Designed for moderate to heavy soiling, this method works by spraying a soil emulsifier to the carpet, where it sets in 10 to 15 minutes. Then, the extraction unit removes the soil and the cleaning agent with a vacuuming carpet wand. It’s a restorative method that’s ideal for water-damaged carpets.

Showcase Premier Cleaning

Used for moderate to heavy soil levels, Showcase Premier Cleaning is the most thorough cleaning method. The two-step process involves shampooing the carpet, then rinsing it and extracting the water and cleaning agents. The deep cleaning is restorative and a good choice for fire-damaged carpets.

Dry Cleaning

This cleaning method helps conserve carpet color. A powdered cleaning chemical is applied to the carpet, where it seeps into the fibers and breaks apart debris and stains. A slight spray of water is used to further break down the particles.

After the Appointment

A Servpro customer representative stated that the carpets can dry within 1-2 hours. Drying may take longer depending on factors like the airflow and humidity in the room. You should avoid walking on your carpet until it is dry.

Servpro recommends that you get your carpet professionally cleaned at least every 12 months for maintenance.

Additional Cleaning Services

Servpro offers a variety of emergency services, cleaning homes after disasters like fires, floods, and storms. The company also handles issues like sewage, vandalism and graffiti, and biohazard problems.

The company also performs these cleaning measures:

  • Air ducts and HVAC
  • Upholstery
  • Drapes and blinds
  • Mold remediation


Servpro’s carpet cleaning services are available in all 50 states.

How Much Does Servpro Cost?

It’s somewhat common for carpet cleaning services to lack an online quote tool. But unlike its competitors that we’ve reviewed, Servpro will not give you an estimated quote over the phone. This means that in order to receive a quote, you need a carpet cleaner to perform an in-home inspection. This service is free but could be a waste of time if the services are not in your budget.

You can tip your carpet cleaning specialists in cash.

Customer Reviews

Servpro has multiple profiles with the Better Business Bureau, each devoted to a different franchise location. Some pages are accredited, while others are not. The ratings range from A- to A+ from page to page.

The majority of Servpro carpet cleaning reviews on the company’s BBB pages are positive.

Horace B. said via BBB:

“Your company is a wonderful company to work with when an emergency situation occur. Their quality of work is superb, and their customer service is the best including their work. Recommendations are in order.”

Satisfaction Guarantee

Servpro offers a satisfaction guarantee that promises customers a carpet cleaning specialist will return to reclean the carpet if the customer is dissatisfied. There is no mention of a possible refund, unlike some of Servpro’s competitors’ policies.

Our Conclusion

Servpro offers a variety of carpet cleaning services based on your needs, with five separate methods available based on your type of carpet and degree of soiling. The company’s services are available in 50 states. Some products are eco-friendly, and its carpet cleaning specialists are equipped to restore carpets that have suffered water and fire damage.

However, the lack of an online quote tool and the inability of the company to even give an estimate over the phone is an issue. Customers might not want to commit time to an in-home inspection if the cost is too high. Also, the fact that there is no money-back guarantee gives us pause.

Company Information

  • Company name: Servpro
  • Company type: Public
  • CEO: Susan Steen
  • Year founded: 1967
  • Headquarters: 801 Industrial Blvd, Gallatin, TN 37066
  • State availability: 50
  • BBB rating: N/A*

*BBB ratings vary based on individual franchise location profiles

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Servpro cost?

The only way to find out how much Servpro’s carpet cleaning services will cost is by having a carpet cleaning specialist perform a free in-home inspection. There is no online quote tool, and the company will not give you an estimate over the phone.

What does Servpro do?

Servpro offers a variety of services, including emergency restoration after disasters like floods, storms, and fires. In addition to carpet cleaning via five methods, Servpro cleans air ducts and HVACs, drapes and blinds, and upholstery.

Does Servpro clean mold?

Servpro does clean mold in homes, preventing the spread first and then remediating the issue. Servpro’s mold experts include applied microbial remediation specialists, water damage restoration technicians, and applied structural drying technicians.

Does Servpro do free estimates?

Servpro does free estimates after a free in-home inspection. The company will not give you an estimate over the phone or email without first examining your carpets.

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