Small Home Office? Try These Easy Design Ideas to Maximize Your Space
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Even if you live in a cozy apartment, working from home doesn’t mean you have to settle for a subpar office space—there are plenty of ways you can transform your home to meet your professional needs. These small home office tips will help you create the workspace of your dreams.

Make the Room Look Bigger

When designing a small office, you’ll want to choose furniture that isn’t bulky and can be tucked away against walls. Depending on the room’s shape and window and door placement, you may be able to use a corner desk and hide the chair when you’re not using it.

Try a Floating Desk

A height-adjustable, wall-mounted “floating” desk is a great way to maximize space, both visually and physically.

Bonus: Only a small, easily stashed anti-fatigue foam pad is needed for a standing desk setup that allows you to move around more freely while working.

Get Creative with Your Small Office Storage

Maybe you don’t have room for a desk with drawers or a file cabinet—no problem; storage space can be found in even the smallest office.

Install Wall-Mounted Shelves

Small Home Office, Floating Shelves, Wall Mounted Shelves

Graham Atkins-Hughes/GAP Interiors

Wall-mounted shelves and cabinets can be used for storing files, pens, paper, and other office supplies, in addition to playing host to a succulent or air-refreshing houseplant.

Add a Bulletin Board

Bulletin boards help reduce desk clutter and provide an accessible place for important papers. Gluing cork squares to the walls is an affordable option; half-inch-thick pieces can be found online for less than $2 per square foot.

Utilize Your Closet

If your office has a closet, consider putting shelves or other storage alternatives in it rather than in the office itself. Shelving companies can design options for you based on the closet’s measurements—or you can DIY the shelving to suit your needs.

Make Use of These Small Office Decor Ideas

Add Fresh Paint

Painting your office is one way to tackle a small office design while giving the illusion of more space. Using white or another light paint color, for example, will not only brighten the room but make it look bigger. You also might want to keep your furniture palette in white or other light shades and place mirrors strategically to open the room up.

Place Plants and Greenery

Adding plants and other greenery will help you bring the outdoors in and create a sense of space by hiding the sharp angles of a small office. Utilizing wall-mounted lights versus desk or floor lamps is another way to optimize the surface area.

Put Up Bold Wallpaper

small home office, bold wallpaper

Bruce Hemming/GAP Photos for Manning Duffie Architects

Using a lot of patterns, such as a bold wallpaper, can go against your mission of making your small office look bigger than it is. Keep the patterns to a minimum; consider a patterned rug with solid-colored walls and furniture to reduce the feeling of chaos.

Setting the mood with colored lighting is another simple design move that can radically alter the vibe of your space.

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