St. Mary’s Hospital takes over managing Village Manor COVID-19 outbreak
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The Region of Waterloo Medical Officer of Health has issued two orders that allows St. Mary’s General Hospital to take over the management of a St. Jacobs retirement home as it deals with a COVID-19 outbreak.

In a press releasesent out Sunday, public health says the section 22 and section 29.2 orders were issued on Saturday and allows for a team from the hospital to go right to work at Village Manor.

The health unit adds that 19 residents and three staff at the retirement home have tested positive for COVID-19, three are currently in hospital, and there have been no deaths.

Public Health says Village Manor had been listed on its COVID-19 outbreaks list as Congregate Setting 7 before naming it on Sunday. According to the website, this outbreak was declared on Nov. 14.

The retirement home experienced an outbreak earlier this year, but that was declared over in early June.

“From the very beginning of this outbreak, health system partners and their resources have ‘wrapped around’ this home to help it manage its COVID-19 outbreak,” said Medical Officer of Health Dr. Hsiu-Li Wang. “However, it has become clear that we need stronger and quicker action, which is why this Order has been issued.”

Lee Fairclough, President of St. Mary’s General Hospital, is also quoted in the release that she hopes the coloration with Public Health and Village Manor can help reduce the impact of the virus on them and the community.

Village Manor is no longer a licensed retirement home after it was revoked by The Retirement Home Regulatory Authority in June.

The home remains in operation as an ‘independent living facility’ under the new name St. Jacobs Country Living.

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