Three Steps To A Strong Start In 2021
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For most of us, closing out the end of the year and preparing for the first quarter of a new one can be hectic, whether we’re juggling tax-based deal deadlines, the holidays or just our normal day-to-day business. If that is not enough, this year has also thrown a global pandemic into the mix, along with a tense political climate. More often than not, it is a relief when the new year arrives and the normality of business and everyday life can resume. But wishful thinking has never done any real estate business any good, so being proactive while others are coasting can often separate the good leaders from the great.

Instead of putting your head in the sand (or snow) and easing into the new year, this time can be a prime opportunity to establish your goals. Continuing to stoke the fire of business is highly recommended and can help sustain momentum. Don’t let what can often be deemed the slow period in real estate be an excuse to stop your normal routines.

There are always deals out there — and personally, I have found that the end of the fourth quarter and the first quarter have typically been some of the highest production times of year for me. Now that the holiday season has ended and the beginning of the new year is here, try the following to enhance your opportunities and get ready to dominate 2021.

Create a new plan.

The belief that you can only manage what you measure rings true, so writing out your personal business plan for each new year is a fantastic way to focus on your goals. It’s a great idea to establish not only your work goals but also a balance for life as a whole. For each category, have no fewer than three and no more than six goals. Make sure that half of them are those big, hairy audacious goals or experiences you have been wanting to accomplish but have been putting off for longer than you wanted. I suggest establishing goals in the following categories:

• Financial

• Health

• Family

• Business

• Spiritual

• Personal Development

This process should be done when you have ample time and are not rushed. I usually spend at least half a day processing what is truly important to me and what I plan to focus on for the upcoming year. Your goals might include making a set amount of money, paying off a certain loan, running a marathon or meeting a certain weight, taking your significant other out to eat once a week or making more time for a family member, traveling to a bucket list destination or attending a spiritual retreat.

Once your goals are set, laminate them and place them somewhere that you will see each day — the kitchen table, the bathroom mirror or the desk at your office. The idea is that if your goals are top of mind, you will be more conditioned both consciously and subconsciously to get them done. At the end of the year, a good goal is to have this list at least 80% or more complete. It’s a great exercise and really makes you think about what you are aiming for.

Adjust your networking and marketing efforts.

After the holiday season, networking and business are typically slower to resume. It’s imperative that we all be more creative and aggressive. With Covid-19 restrictions in place, there will be many more opportunities to innovate and try new marketing and networking strategies, especially since plenty of people will not attempt to push beyond the status quo. Use these opportunities to stand out in the crowd and make a lasting impression.

Don’t slow down — stay consistent, or better, push harder.

There will always be a reason to take your foot off the gas and the holidays, and first quarter are usually one of the best excuses we have to leave a bit earlier or follow up a bit later. The real challenge is not in whether there is business to be had, but in pushing ourselves to stay the course. The best way to do this and to ensure your deal flow remains intact is to just keep pushing. Even better, if you have the wherewithal, go all out. Make that extra call, get up a bit earlier and stay a bit later if you can. In the end, the difference will be clear and you will be on your way to achieving your goals in 2021.

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