Unique Home Communities Help Buyers Move Closer To Nature
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Walden Monterey home interior

The view overlooking a 600 acre open nature space, as seen from the floor-to-ceiling windows of a … [+] home in Walden Monterey in California.

Walden Monterey

Crises tend to prompt revisionist thinking. The health and economic emergency known as the Covid-19 pandemic has been no exception to that rule. The coronavirus appears to have sparked a reassessment of what is truly important in living environments. That phenomenon is seen in buyers’ and renters’ new quest for open spaces, flexible layouts and multi-function areas. It’s also evident in the greater focus on biophilic design, and a greater engagement with nature and the great outdoors. That connection, buyers and renters believe, is likely to benefit both the planet and themselves.

If such a thing as a “post-pandemic model” of the crisis-inspired ideal home exists, it might be found in either of two entirely new communities at the opposite ends of the earth. They are Walden Monterey in California, and Pavilia Farm in Hong Kong.

Walden Monterey, Monterey, Calif.

A 600-acre open nature space above Monterey Bay is the setting for this private, eco-minded residential community designed for home buyers seeking a permanent alteration in lifestyle. Guided by the philosophy of living deliberately, Walden Monterey limits its residency to just 22 like-minded denizens, each enjoying her own 20-acre retreat. Two, and only two, mandates are imposed on folks building homes there. Trees cannot be removed, and renewable energy must be utilized.

Owners enjoy an array of amenities, including use of a communal garden and vineyard supplying fresh, organic produce and wine, 200 acres of trails and open space, and a Zen mediation garden.

“Walden Monterey is a community for like-minded people who ultimately want to live in harmony with nature while building a better world for the next generation,” says Nick Jekogian, founder of the oceanfront tableau. “In addition to all the standout amenities, such as the 200 acres of open space and community-wide trail system to a Zen meditation gardens, Walden Monterey offers a fellowship program that provides education on sustainability and the ecosystem, while Walden Gatherings gives residents and invited guests a platform to focus on making the world a better place.

“Not to mention, each residence has a 20-acre sanctuary fully immersed in nature, which offers the perfect setting to disconnect, reflect, and focus on what matters most reconnecting with one’s self and family.”

Pavilia Farm, Hong Kong

If the idea of a tri-level urban farm and the largest aquaponic system in its metropolis interests you, you’re bound to be intrigued by this revolutionary residential development in the center of Hong Kong.

Featuring seven towers and 3,090 residences, the project is home to Hong Kong’s largest landscape-integrated aquaponic system, as well as a 6,500-square-foot triple-tiered urban farm that will enable city dwellers – many for the first time in their lives – to plant, cultivate and harvest their own food. The development also features Nordic architectural elements meticulously chosen to help residents battle the chronic depression that afflicts approximately two in every five Hong Kong residents. It’s all been combined in the interest of reflecting the philosophy “Live Beyond Well.”

“The Pavilia Farm has confirmed the proposition that green is the future, as well as that projects creating shared value are well received by everyone involved, from residents to property owners to stakeholders,” says Adrian Cheng, CEO and executive vice-chairman of New World Development.

“Following our launch in October, we sold out of units five weekends in a row, and ended up selling about 2,100 flats within six weeks. By the end of 2020, the Pavilia Farm became Hong Kong’s best-selling development.

“The sales results were extraordinary encouraging, and reinforced to our partnership that our approach resonates with today’s consumers to an incredible degree.”

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