Volunteers setting up new location for Community Fridge KW
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Volunteers are working to set up Kitchener-Waterloo’s community fridge in a new outdoor location.

They’re currently working on a shed to protect the fridge from the elements.

“We made the base and we made one of walls, so we got that in a couple of hours,” volunteer JJ Stranz said.

It started as a pilot project at Zero Waste Bulk in Uptown Waterloo and is now moving into a new home.

“The reception was really good,” owner Ellin Park said. “The fridge started filling up immediately and soon after people started taking from the fridge too.”

The fridge has now moved to a new location, outside at Full Circle Foods in Kitchener.

“When you donate an item you have to list your item and your name and the date for contact tracing purposes,” said Kamil Ahmed with Community Fridge KW.

The group said the fridge offers a barrier way for people to get food.

The wood for the fridge’s sheet was gathered locally after it was left outside of businesses. Organizers said it would have gone to the landfill if it hadn’t been collected for their purposes.

The fridge aims to reuse and repurpose, while providing food for those in need.

“We’re doing two things at once,” Ahmed said. “Working on a very small scale so we’re not competing with food banks.”

The fridge will be monitored by volunteers.

“We’re also doing three check ins a day to make sure the food is safe,” Ahmed said.

Volunteers said they’re proud to be part of an inclusive initiative.

“It builds up more solidarity in the community and makes people feel like people actually care about people,” Stranz said.

“We’re hoping it lasts forever and ever,” Ahmed said.

The fridge and shed are expected to be ready by the end of the year.

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